Some of these links are to pages within the site,
others are to new URL's. The purpose of this page
is to reflect my eclectic–and often odd–interests.

(These links are now very old and many no longer work.)

Zenga Nantenbo answers the question, "What is the sound of one hand clapping?"
Suiseki The esoteric art of viewing stones.
How to look at a stone. (Regretably, this link is broken.)
Let's look at some stones.
Spend money to look at more stones.
Haiku A brief introduction and some fine examples of this surprisingly satisfying literary form.
Scholarly Sites I'm glad someone else did this so I didn't have to.
English Almost everything you ever wanted to know about English as it is spoke.
British Language The King's Anguish.
Gutenberg Project Free books. Really!
Language Translator A little rough around the edges, but very interesting. Try translating back and forth...
Soviet Satellite Photos A de-classified photo album of the United States.
Space Stuff NASA/JPL information and photos. If there's an asteroid that looks like J. Edgar Hoover, you'll see it here at least three days before it hits the tabloids.
Cigar Aficionado You've had worse things in your mouth. (Ratings and other information about cigars.)
Fortean Times A great resource of the truly odd.
LA Earthquakes Live coverage of seismic activity in the fabled land of Richter.
Primitive Technology Just in case.
Astrolabes This ancient navigation device was known to the Romans. It remained in use until the 1750's when it was run out of town by the sextant--which is being replaced now by GPS. Get your own real astrolabe and tell time and predict astronomical events just like Chaucer, Galileo, and Columbus.
Photoshop Books Great source of information for the digitally addicted.
Useless Knowledge Aren't you glad you bought a modem? Everything you never wanted to know.
Buzz Here's some really unexpected stuff–from cool and fun to weird and offensive. New links are added regularly. No apologies; you've been warned.
(Don't be put off by the Swedish; most links are in English.)
Complaint Letter Generator Strictly speaking, this belongs in the humor section, but since it's a link... So send me a complaint!
Red Rock Canyon Personal photos of Red Rock and Last Chance Canyons--my retreat in the Mojave Desert.
Rare Books Before you toss out those old books you got from Aunt Rosie, check out this site. You may thank me.
LA Freeways You need to get from Pasadena to Newport Beach right now...and it's rush hour. This real time analysis of current freeway conditions will give you your best chance of making it on time.
Animation Good collection of Flash and QuickTime animations.

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